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Tenderizer Store MG5 Meat Grinder


Tenderizer Store MG50 Household Meat Grinder
1/2HP Motor
I Stainless Steel Grinder Knife
3 Grinder Plates Course, medium, Fine
3 Different Size Stuffing Tubes For all The Popular Size Casings
All Steel Gears
we like this Meat Grinder Because we have used one for years.
It is great for small Batches 10-20 lb
We use it for all of our Small batches and our Sausage Seasoning
Number 12 Grinder Head That means a larger size grinding plate
And will grind products with More ease Then the Smaller #5-#8 machines
Most of all Very Easy Clean Up With this machine

Tenderizer Store MG50 Household Meat Grinder
Orig.: $199.99
Sale: $159.99

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