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Unger Grinder System Parts Knives-Plates-Spacers

Unger Grinder System Parts Knives-Plates-Spacers

Unger Cutting System
The unger cutting system is a bit more complex and is used in meat grinders
with opening diameters up to 440mm.
The unger cutting system consists of two star knives sharpened on both edges and
three grinder hole plates,
each with different size holes to make the grinds smaller.
This system is most commonly used in meat processing facilities in Europe.
You can purchase Unger cutting systems in either double (2 plates, 1 blade) or triple cut
(3 plates, 2 blades) versions.

The image below shows a triple cut Unger System.

What’s Included:
9 – Feed Screw
14 – First hole plate (Kidney plate)
15 – Star knife blade
16 – Second hole plate
17 – Second Star knife blade
18 – Third hole plate
19 – Stud
20 – Distance Ring

Unger 160mm Triumph 13.0mm Holes Grinder Plate
Orig.: $169.99
Sale: $119.99
Unger G 160mm Everlasting Knife Double Cut
Orig.: $119.99
Sale: $79.99
Unger G 160mm Couzinni Knife Single Cut
Orig.: $89.99
Sale: $59.99
Orig.: $89.99
Sale: $69.99

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