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Hobart 403 Tenderizer Repair Questions Answered

Hobart 403 Tenderizer Repair Questions Answered

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The Most common question asked about The Hobart Model 403 Steakmaster Machine Is

My Machine will not start

First you will need to look at the Tenderizer Safety Cover

And see if it has a Magnet In the Back side of the Cover Facing The Machine

Then you will have to see if you have a Magnet in the Top Motor Cover It is in the Back Right hand side


These Magnets Activate The Reed switches That Confirms that all safety Covers are in place

After You have checked those two areas out and still the machine will not run we will go to page Two


Page Two


Page Two

Now if it still does not start

You will have to lay the Tenderizer on its side.
You will take off the metal bottom cover that has the on/off switch in it
You will see four wires coming down from the motor.
Two are Red and go to the Capacitor leave them intact

The other Two are Black Now take each wire and now connect them to a separate power source
Not thru the switch or using the Tenderizer power cord.
If you are still not running Now you may need a Capacitor
If you have an electronic start switch (Oblong Metal Object on side of Motor)

You may be Toast

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