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Natural Casings Collagen Casings Fibrous CasingsMeat Bags
Natural Casings Collagen Casings Fibrous Casings Meat Bags

Natural Casings Collagen Casings Fibrous Casings Meat Bags

These Fresh collagen casings variant. Fresh casings, as the name implies, are for fresh or unsmoked sausages. All our fresh casings are clear in appearance ranging in sizes from 21mm to 35mm. These are meant to be used a replacement for hog or sheep casings in varying fresh sausage applications. Fresh casings are not designed to be used or hung on smoke sticks for smoking in a smokehouse. They simply do not have the strength to support the hanging weight of the product. A 4" link in the 22mm fresh casings will make a 1-ounce link. A 32mm to 35mm fresh casing is what you should use for things like bratwursts, Italian sausage, and other similar fresh sausages. The 32mm to 35mm are closer to the size that you may find in may store brand sausages and bratwursts,
NOTE: "Fresh" Sausage Casings should not be hung in a smokehouse



Our Natural Hog Sausage Casings are perfect for making sausages like bratwurst, polish, italian, kielbasa, and more. Natural hog casings will give a crisp bite and slight curve to a sausage that many people view as a traditional appearance factor for things like bratwursts


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